Rebecca in her Wisconsin studio

Rebecca in her Wisconsin studio

I paint in response to ancient and rugged places that I love, interpreting them intuitively, abstractly, through memory and emotion.
— Rebecca Crowell

Since earning her MFA in painting from Arizona State University in 1985, Rebecca Crowell has led a life focused on painting. When not traveling from her home in rural Wisconsin for teaching or to attend artist residencies she works almost daily in her studio. She draws significant influence from her experiences abroad, as well as from the surroundings of her winter home in northern New Mexico. The coast of County Mayo, Ireland has been a particularly important location for her; she returns each year to teach and paint.

Rebecca Crowell is known for her innovative painting techniques involving cold wax medium and oil and is represented by a number of fine art galleries in various locations including Dublin, Ireland; Chicago, Illinois; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Telluride, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona, and more. Her representation with Gormleys Fine Art in Dublin has recently led to international exposure, including several European art fairs.

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Market & Johnson, Eau Claire, WI

Market & Johnson, Eau Claire, WI


Selected Collections:

– Lumiere Hotel, Telluride, CO
– MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
– Jayson Lander and Associates, West Hollywood, CA
– Scottsdale Waterfront Residencies, Scottsdale, AZ
– Centre D'Art I Natura, Farrera, Catalunya, Spain
– Ceridean Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
– Tria Orthopedic Clinic, Minneapolis, MN
– Robert Hill and Associates, Attorneys at Law, Minneapolis, MN
– Williams, Venker and Sanders, Attorneys at Law, St. Louis, MO
– Midwest Banking Center, St. Louis, MO
– Solomon Brothers Developers, St. Louis, MO
– Enterprise Bank, Clayton, MO
– University of Wisconsin
– Luther Hospital, Eau Claire, WI


John Seed - The Huffington Post - 2014

Rebecca Crowell's work is slow work that is the end result of many processes – including looking, seeing and feeling – all spread out over time. "Many ideas and images pass through my mind as I paint," Crowell observes: "The passage of time and aging, the accumulation – of experience, the symbolic and visual aspects of natural processes including stratification, collapse, compression: the ephemeral marks that people leave behind."

Crowell's works are abstracted from nature: they are personal responses to the visual forms, colors and atmospheres that have surrounded her in a variety of locations. There are vestiges of representation in Rebecca Crowell's work, but it is a type of representation that has been refined and re-constituted through her artistic sensibility and through her emotions.

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John Loughrey - - 2010

Rebecca Crowell uses a kind of "memory mapping" to create her works which, although visually quite abstract, often still retain faint echoes of landscape and nature - its plant life, earth and rocks. For Crowell, rugged textures, earthy colors and a feeling of light, open spaces reveals her subliminal interest in the colours, mark-making and abstraction of at least a "memory" of landscape.

Her process of working in multiple layers, cutting, scratching and digging back brings to mind the observation by Louis le Brocquy: "The painter, like the archaeologist, is a watcher, a supervisor of accident; patiently disturbing the surface of things until significant accident becomes apparent, recognising it, conserving this as best he can while provoking further accident. In this way a whole image, a whatness, may with luck gradually emerge almost spontaneously". This is Crowell's process too.

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Cold Wax Medium: Technique, Concepts & Conversations

Rebecca Crowell and her co-author, artist Jerry McLaughlin have produced this comprehensive book about the use of cold wax medium, now in its third printing. The book includes a wide range of information, including illustrated instruction on technique, process and materials. Along with their own research and knowledge, they feature art and information from the community of artists around the world working with cold wax, in a variety of styles and approaches.

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Cold Wax Medium: A Video Workshop

Over two years in the making, this professionally produced video covers the techniques, demonstrations, and topics presented during one of the five-day cold wax workshops taught by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin.

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